Tracy is the best!! Before having my eyebrows done at Scottsdale Permanent Makeup, I had several consultations at other permanent makeup places around Scottsdale. All of them did the solid, fill-in eyebrows that make eyebrows look ridiculously fake. Tracy does hairline strokes and is very thorough with each brow. She compromises with you to find the best eyebrow shape for your face, and she makes you feel extremely comfortable. I had very uneven brows with very little hair as a result of overplucking, and I was extremely nervous that my brows were still going to have that “drawn-on” look that I get with an eyebrow pencil. That was not the case at all!! They look soooo real now, and up close, the color looks like tiny hairs mixed in with the hair that I already had. I could not be more happy with the results!! If you are at all hesitant, then I suggest that you go for it and have this done. Doing this completely changed my life! I never have to worry about an eyebrow smudging off or sweating off in the summers or while exercising. I have so much more confidence in my looks now, and it’s all thanks to Tracy. You will NOT regret having permanent makeup done!!


I am beyond pleased with the results! Tracey is an amazing artist! My eyebrows look so natural and the eyeliner looks terrific! Its great to wake up practically ready for the day! I would absolutely reccomend and endorse Tracey and her services!

Carlen Yarkosky

I have always wanted my whole face done with permanent makeup so I could simplify my life. After seeing my neighbors eyeliner I wasn’t so sure. It seemed thick and dark and I knew that I didn’t want anything like that. I went for a consultation and saw some pictures of the work that Tracey did on other people. After I saw the many different ways you could have it done it put my mind at ease so I went for it. I had my brows, liner and lips done. My eyeliner is fine and soft looking and I love it! You are truely a master at what you do Tracey!!!


I came to Scottsdale Permanent makeup to have my eyebrows done and i was sooo nervous. They made me feel so at ease and explained everything to me each step of the way. I have a condition called alopecia and I only had a few hairs left on my brows so they had to start with almost nothing. My pre-consultation answered most of my questions but I was still afraid. Tracey assured me they would look very natural and they really do. She did them with hairline strokes and they actually look like little hairs. I would recomend Scottsdale Permanent Makeup to anyone just because I now know they are true professionals at what they do. Thank you Tracey for giving me my confidence back!


After struggling for years with penciling on eyebrows, I made the decision to have them permanently done. Following hours of research and consultations with other practices, none of which I would not trust with such a procedure, I found Tracey and her group. Tracey did an absolutely incredible job. From the moment I met her, my worries disappeared, and it was an amazing experience. I am 4 days out with my new brows and I have never felt better! Thank you Tracey for everything! I am extremely pleased. I would HIGHLY recommend Scottsdale Permanent Makeup.


I went to Scottsdale Permanent Makeup to have my eyebrows filled in. After checking around for prices I thought Scottsdale Permanent Makeup prices were reasonable. Now that they are done, I would say they are PRICELESS! Well worth the money and they save me so much time and I don’t have to worry about them rubbing off anymore.


I just want to say that Tracey is great! I came to her with a previous permanent makeup job that was crooked and a bad color. Tracey knew exactly what to do to correct it and after a couple removal treatments and a color correction, My makeup is PERFECT and I love it! I will Never go anywhere else to have permanent makeup done.