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Why choose Tracey Collett’s School of Permanent Cosmetics – Collett Academy?


  • We offer beginner certified, advanced certified, and custom classes.
  • Small classes with one on one individualized coaching.
  • You will be learning from a Permanent Makeup master who teaches the latest artistic techniques in the industry.
  • Classes are conducted in an actual operational business for you to learn how a business runs.
  • Learn great habits from the start with our strict OSHA approved blood borne pathogens class.
  • Practice on live models.
  • Master how to do hair stroke brows using the latest microblading method.
  • Get ongoing support.

Beginner course:

This is a 6 day 100 hour course which includes home study of 35 hours. There are 6 days of class and you will work on live models.  This course covers blood borne pathogens, familiarization with machines and needles, familiarization with the hand tool, eyeliner techniques for both lash enhancement and wider liners, powder fill eyebrows with the machine, hair stroke eyebrows with the machine, an overview of topical numbing creams and gels, color theory, business practices, and sterilization and sanitation habits. You will receive a Certification of  completion with this class and a separate certification for your blood borne pathogens training. Beginner kits are available to purchase that include all of the necessary things that you will need to start your business. This class must be taken before any further classes are taken unless you already have a beginner certification and have met all of the requirements of a beginner course. Tuition for this course: $4500.

In addition to the tuition, books are $200, and business start up kits are $550 which includes pigments, needles, numbing topical and all of the necessary tools, supplies and paperwork to begin your new business.  The 5 speed Skin Master digital permanent makeup and Collagen Induction Therapy machine is available for $750. The skin master has precision tips and 1 piece disposable cartridges. This machine is recommended as it will grow with you as you advance in your career.

Custom courses:

This course is 1 to 3 days and it was designed to work with students in areas in which they feel they need to strengthen. This is generally a small class with a personal coach and it is custom built to meet the students needs. This course helps the student refine their skills and increases their confidence. Our students say that this course has taken their confidence from a level 3 to a level 8 after completion. Models may be worked on. You must have a beginner certification of 90 hours of study and have met all of the requirements in the beginner course before this course can be taken. There is no certification for this workshop. Tuition for this course: $1000 per day.

Microblading course:

In this 5 day / 90 hour course, we teach the art of brow design and hair growth patterns, proper application using a microblading needle, proper depth of application, needles configurations and usage, risks and contraindications, color theory for all permanent cosmetics, brow design based on facial morphology, skin anatomy, business protocol, marketing and advertising, record keeping, sanitations and sterilization, business ethics, topical anesthetics and their uses and skin preparation and aftercare steps. 

This is a course designed for the beginner in the permanent makeup world and no previous training is necessary. You will graduate with a 90 hour of study certificate of completion.  We offer a required OSHA approved blood borne pathogen certification for $19.95 which can be taken at the time of the class. The tuition for the beginner microblade course is $3500 for 5 full days of training which includes training on a minimum of 2 live models. A microblade hand tool, needles and practice kit is available for $25.  Text and work books are an additional $200. This course comes with a 90 hour framable certificate of completion. 

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Permanent cosmetics are on the rise in popularity and for good reason. Permanent makeup is a convenient, and affordable way to look your very best everyday without the constantly having to reapplying makeup. A little makeup (natural looking) can make a person look and feel great 24/7. Imagine waking up with your makeup on. It is in demand!

The business of Permanent makeup, also known as permanent cosmetics or micropigmentation can be a rewarding and lucrative career. We train you to be successful inside of a working business. You will see how an actual permanent makeup business is run and learn the techniques and business practices that can lead you to success. The class is given by board certified instructor Tracey Englert who has 27 years of experience in the beauty industry and Thousands of permanent makeup procedures under her belt.

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