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Microblading vs. Microblading plus Shading: The Hottest Trend in The Beauty Industry

Microblading is a method of inserting micropigments into the skin just like a tattoo.  This popular method is applied in a way to simulate natural hair growth using a microblading hand tool.  It will help to define and correct shapes, fill in where hair is missing and give an overall fuller look to each brow. In most cases, the hair strokes are crisper and more precise than any other method of eyebrow tattooing.

Microblading plus shading is the same as described above except a soft powdery looking color is applied in the background to certain areas to give the eyebrows a fuller look.  This is best suited for people with missing hair in spots and/or very sparse hair. This technique is most used when the client desires a fuller look. Microblading plus shading is also referred to as a powder fill.

Ombre Brows are similar to shading but with a more of an ombre type effect leaving some areas such as the edges, softer and lighter than others. They are sometimes known as graduated color.  Ombre Brows are soft and beautiful with or without being topped with microblading.

Microblading - What To Expect

Both personal preference and guidance by an experienced technician will determine which is the best method for you based on your desired outcome and/or your needs.

Most industry experts refer to Microblading as a semi-permanent procedure, however,
that would imply that the tattoo will eventually fade completely away. In fact, all tattoos
must live in the dermal layer of the skin which makes them permanent. The pigments for
Microblading and for any other type of facial tattooing are much different than body inks
because they are made especially for the face to look natural. Body inks pose the risk of
migration when used on the face. Microbladed brows and other permanent makeup will
begin to lighten over the years and color boosts (a complete refreshing of the color) will
be necessary about every 12-18 months to maintain your makeup. if you choose not to
maintain your makeup, the colors will simply begin dull in tone and fade away over a
long period of time.

A topical anesthetic will be applied for your comfort. Everyone has a different pain level
but most can be very comfortable through the entire procedure.

What can I expect the day of the procedure?

In Depth Consultation Before Your Procedure

Mapping of the brows based on facial morphology

Numbing Topical Is Applied For Your Comfort

Your Microblading Procedure Begins

What can I expect for the 7 days following the procedure?

Days 1-3 Brows appear darker and a bit thicker than after being healed.

Days 3-5 Exfoliation begins as the epidermal layer peels, taking some of the pigment with it.This peeling resembles a sunburn peel, it is not scabbing.

Days 6-7 Brows may have a slight pink cast to them or the color may seem warmer than the desired color.This is not the pigment, it is the pink in your skin that remains until it heals.

Day 10 Resume normal activity such as waxing or tweezing of the excess hair.