Permanent Eyebrows

We are permanent eyebrow experts. We can enhance the natural look of your current brows with our permanent makeup services Scottsdale, AZ. In addition to offering permanent brows as a service, we also offer permanent eyebrow correction services for our clients who need color and shape adjusting. Tracey Collett is Scottsdale’s most experienced permanent makeup artist. We look forward to helping you establish the look you desire.

Permanent Lips

At Scottsdale Permanent Cosmetics, we are permanent makeup lip color experts. We can restore the shape and color to your lips to bring you back to your youthful days by making your lips look fuller and brighter. Lip color will save you time from having to apply lipsticks or lip liner daily. This is the perfect service for business professionals and beauty enthusiasts, who wish to enhance their look. We offer full permanent cosmetic lips, permanent cosmetics lip fades and permanent cosmetic lip liner. Call us today to schedule and appointment or ask questions.

Permanent Eyeliner

Frame your eyes with a subtle eyelash enhancement type liner meant to make you look like you have more lashes or a bolder look for more drama. Add a smudge look to the edges or even a wing for some flair. We can custom style your eyeliner any way you like it. The best part about the permanent cosmetic eyeliner procedure is that you will never have to apply liquid eyeliner again. Permanent Makeup is also waterproof too!