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Scottsdale Permanent Cosmetics & Eyebrow Microblading

Permanent Makeup

At Permanent Cosmetics Scottsdale, we offer permanent cosmetics solutions to create a beautiful you. There are many advantages to permanent makeup over traditional makeup such as no smudging

Eyebrow Microblading

Are you looking for beautifully shaped microbladed eyebrows? At Scottsdale Permanent Cosmetics & Microblading, we are eyebrow microblading experts! Let us make your eyebrows beautiful!

Why Choose Scottsdale Permanent Makeup?
  • 27 Years of Experience
  • Free Consultation for All Services
  • State-of-the-Art Techniques
  • A Dedication to Quality Customer Care
  • Tracey is an industry leading educator

Tracey Collett and the rest of her staff take their time with every client to ensure that they understand exactly what you want and deliver picture-perfect results. We keep up with the latest technology and maintain the highest standards of safety and sanitation. Our staff follows strict sterilization procedures to ensure a safe, clean environment. Plus, we use topical anesthetics to allow for virtually painless cosmetic treatments. At most, you will feel mild discomfort.

Permanent Cosmetics – Scottsdale, AZ

At Scottsdale Permanent Makeup, we offer permanent cosmetics solutions to create a beautiful you. There are many advantages to permanent makeup over traditional makeup such as no smudging or fading, waking up feeling and looking beautiful, and being able to work out or swim with no worries of your makeup dripping off. Not having to regularly check or re-apply makeup saves time by accommodating busy schedules, long commutes and adhering to many engagements throughout your day. Permanent cosmetics keep you looking beautiful while swimming, working out and even showering. We offer Permanent Eyebrows, Permanent Eyeliner, Permanent lips, Permanent Lip liner and more! We even offer free consultations.

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Eyebrow Microblading – Scottsdale, AZ

Eyebrow Microblading is the hottest new procedure in the permanent cosmetics industry. If you are looking for beautifully shaped microbladed eyebrows, give us a call and schedule a complimentary eyebrow microblading consultation Your highly trained Microblade Artist will evaluate answer all of your questions, learn your desired shape, evaluate your skin and make recommendations. You can also rest assured knowing each one of our Scottsdale Eyebrow Microblading Artists is certified by Collett Academy and has passed a 100-hour training program.

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  Permanent Makeup School – Scottsdale, AZ

Now you can learn from one of the best permanent makeup artists in the industry! At Tracey Collett’s Permanent Makeup School you can learn the art of Permanent Cosmetics and start a lucrative new career as a permanent makeup artist. Learning from Tracey means that you will be instructed correctly in the art of cosmetic tattooing. We keep class sizes small in order to give our students the best one on one training. Our permanent makeup training classes are taught directly by Tracey Collett, which means that you will learn proper technique and the most advanced concepts. If you are interested in learning permanent makeup from a top industry professional, call us today. Please note that out permanent cosmetics training classes fill up quickly, reserve your spot today!

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Scottsdale Permanent Cosmetics

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Scottsdale now has the best permanent cosmetics & eyebrow microblading center available for anyone interested in permanent makeup or microbladed eyebrows. Permanent Cosmetics Scottsdale is the #1 choice by industry artists and clients in Arizona. By using the top of the line, advanced permanent cosmetic technologies at our facility, our professional and friendly makeup artists will make your beauty a work of art.
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Collett Academy – Permanent Makeup School

8989 E. Via Linda, Suite B211, Scottsdale AZ


Collett Academy is the premier permanent makeup school & eyebrow microblading class in Arizona. Our students utilize the newest, advanced methods in the permanent makeup & microblading industry to date; the cutting edge technology that we bring to the classroom is second to none. Learn from the World Famous Tracey Collett, a leading educator in the permanent makeup and microblading industry!
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